John Donne wrote that, “no man is an island”; and that is because we all live in a sea of humanity. We are not alone; and we are all part of a gigantic holistic network. The art of marketing recognises this fact and does its best to link us all together in our aspirations for good and successful lives. King Fish Marketing is about making you or your product a big fish in your pond. We are all alive in the Age of Communication, when digital messages light up the sky twenty-four seven. Bright ideas pass around the globe in a flash, every millisecond or less. Opportunity looms large like the gaping maw of a bass.

About Us

Will you seize the day and make hay whilst the sun shines or will you wither away in obscurity? Marketing is often the difference between a brilliant idea blossoming into material success and the countless ones that float away, remaining unrealised and intangible, for ever more. King Fish Marketing is on the frontline of the digital revolution. We manage and develop social media for our clients. We SEO their websites organically with top quality content and link juice that froths up like Champagne on a summer’s day.

King Fish Marketing are a family, a family of like-minded individuals. Who are all dedicated to enjoying what they do and doing it brilliantly. We are local and have a global reach. Our results for clients in achieving top Google page ranking for less are legendary. When we throw that fishing line in the water, when we cast out over the waves, we hook the juiciest big fish in the ocean. Celebrate with a BBQ surrounded by friends and family. When you hook up with us, you have more lines in the water.

Your catch will naturally be much greater, exponentially greater. Don’t die wondering with your business or service, let our professional marketing services take your product to the market. “For whom the bell tolls”, was another line in the same John Donne poem. You want those bells ringing for you and emailing you, messaging you, with enquiries for your business or service. King Fish Marketing are about quality and results. We are about cost effective marketing in the twenty first century. We can strategise and manage your AdWords, develop a traditional marketing approach to run in tandem with your digital marketing, and we can help you turn fishes and loaves into manna from heaven. Find out more today.