Emergency Dentists Need SEO During Coronavirus

If you run a cafe right now, you’re truly suffering.

In fact most small businesses.

Government, media and big business – you’re doing great! Supermarket sales are up, up and away.

In some unusual cases, some industries can do some business.

Take dentists for example.

They can perform emergency dentistry but nothing else.

Suddenly all those things they were ranking high for on Google don’t matter so much.

They’ll sure matter again in the future, in the post-coronavirus new world order, where most small businesses will be wiped off and the world will still function in some ways.

People and dentists have been asked to suspend “non-essential or non-urgent dental care”.

Dentists work around the area that can potentially transmit the most – the mouth, teeth and around the nose. These areas are unavoidable during the treatment. So it is a risk both for the dentist and the patient.” He added, “The Australian Dental Association has taken the right decision to put routine dental procedures on hold for now. The best thing would be to consult the dentist over the phone who can recommend some home remedies.”

Some of the machines and equipment used in dental treatments produce aerosol or tiny water droplets in the air, said Dr Stewart Hopkins, head of the department of dentistry, Sydney Dental North Shore Clinic. “Aerosol may be infected so inhaling those droplets only increases the risk. It is therefore beneficial both for the dentist and patient to avoid non-urgent dental treatment during this time.”

The AMA suggests that one should especially avoid visiting dental departments functioning out of hospitals to minimise exposure to infection while making space for other infected patients who need immediate care. Visit the dentist only in case of an emergency health issue, they advised.

Tips for dental care at home

Maintaining good oral hygiene is important for boosting immunity and fighting the virus, Dr Hopkins said. Here are some dental care tips you can practise at home, as suggested by the doctors.
1. One can follow standard dental care procedure at home. Avoid consuming food that is too hot or too cold if you are sensitive so that the pain does not aggravate. Diet control is crucial.
2. One should also avoid applying pain relief balms topically or it can increase the swelling.
3. Brush your teeth twice daily or use medicated mouthwashes. There are some pastes for tooth sensitivity also that can be used to keep the infection under control meanwhile, till the time you visit a dentist.
4. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitiser. Clean the toothbrush properly after use to ensure it is not contaminated.
5. The most common dental issue is toothache, for which you can have paracetamol. Consult the dentist if there is uncontrolled pain who can recommend the required cure.

So the truth of the matter is that dentists should be reconsidering their medical and dental SEO strategies and ensuring they put every resource into ranking for the term “emergency dentist”.

Marketing A Chiropractic Business

Marketing a Chiropractic BusinessIn this business, there are two types of chiropractors: the lazy ones and the smart ones. Lazy chiropractors work for 60 hours in a week, earnestly look for a new craze to launch in the clinic, and spend a lot of their resources. Ironically, they work more, earn a little, and never get ahead. On the other hand, smart chiropractors work for 40 hours a week, have a working system set up, and prioritises their practice. It comes as a non-shocker that they manage to generate loyal customers and entice a new batch of clients.

If you want to be a smart chiropractor, you should have a business plan. Now this plan does not only focus on marketing a chiropractic business, but also on good management and business practices. A perfect example of this is Hooman’s Sydney CBD chiropractic practice. Luckily for you, we’ll teach you the best ways in marketing a chiropractic business.

Marketing A Chiropractic Business

The perfect way of marketing a chiropractic business is to come up with a strategy that fits your practice’s mission, vision, and personality. You can do this by opting for the conventional method or by doing it the “2017 way.” Either way, both techniques are proven to bring in new clients and retain your old customers.

  • The Conventional Method

Marketing a chiropractic business using the conventional method involves three grand schemes: the member, corporate, and wellness strategies. In the member strategy, you will use your current clients as your media in attracting new customers. For instance, you can implement the “Refer a Friend” scheme wherein the referring patient and the referred friend will both enjoy discounted services or free items.

A chiropractic business can also exploit the corporate world to their advantage by creating corporate partners and offering discounted services to its employees. Moreover, the practice can host wellness events and deliver lunch seminars to educate prospective customers on how they can improve their health and well-being, while at the same time promoting the chiropractic business.

  • The 2017 Way

The 2017 way of marketing a chiropractic business entails social media marketing, content marketing, and website creation. Since almost everyone has a social media account, the best way to reach them is to conduct marketing campaigns via social media. It would help if you already have an established online presence.

If you want to generate an online buzz about your practice, you can do so through content marketing. This can be in the form of videos, memes, infographics, white paper, e-books, and blog posts that offer helpful content. Content marketing works well with your website.

These Amazing Coffee Tables Are Also Fish Tanks

Have you seen these amazing coffee tables that are also fish tanks? What do you think about all those incredible fish swimming around in their aquatic environment whilst you are sitting in front of the box or woofing down a packet of Twinkies or two? I kind of feel that they are pretty special pieces of furniture, but that you really need the right kind of room for something as out there as this. I am just not sure whether I want to share my slob out time with these wriggling fellas beneath me.

Are they going to be looking up at me when I am scoffing down a few golden fried fish fingers? Am I going to feel uncomfortable about their scrutiny? I like to relax when I am at home, especially after a hard day’s work. I eat a lot of takeaway at my coffee table in front of the TV. How is going to go down when I am enjoying a Thai prawn curry and I look down and see all these fish and their tails going wild? Are they going to want to share my spaghetti marinara? What do fish even eat anyway?

These Amazing Coffee Tables Are Also Fish Tanks

I can imagine that for really chilled out people these things could be right up their alley, you know, Zen dudes and women into yoga, but for me I am not so sure. I like to put my feet up on the coffee table and relax. What are the fish going to think about these enormous work boots coming down on them? The shadow they will cast could make them feel like it’s an apocalypse or something, frantic fish could be darting left and right in sheer panic and shitting themselves. Sending out SOS messages and silently screaming in terror, how will I feel being the innocent cause of all this fish stress and tension?

I have always had normal timber coffee tables. You know, wooden top with four wooden legs; something sturdy and solid. Nothing wriggling about, no fluid, except when I spill my glass of wine on it, and nothing much to look at, apart from a bit of wood grain. I like the peace that wood sends out, the simple message that this is a bit of dead tree and there are no surprises. I suppose timber is soulful in a way; here I am put your bloody great big feet on me, I can cope, no worries mate. Yeah, wood that’s for me!

Fish Fertility: Fish Switching Genders

Fish, unlike most human beings, can naturally switch their gender in some instances. Clownfish and wrasse are known to change sex. Clownfish have a hierarchy with a female fish at the top; and when she dies, get this, the most dominant male fish changes sex and takes her place. It all sounds suspiciously like our political system at the moment. With wrasses, the gender change is from female to male, and involves the largest female in the harem switching sexes and changing into a male. Life is obviously very interesting when you are a fish; playmates abound. Life in the goldfish bowl may not be as boring as we all thought. Parrotfish can also live for some time as either male or female, then different hormones takeover and cause the parrotfish to change. In the case of parrotfish this only occurs in their immature stage before their organs have developed as either a male or female.

More recently, fish have been turning from male to female caused by birth control pills for humans entering natural river systems. Chemical components of birth control pills excreted in urine and flushed down toilets have made their way into waterways. In a recent study by the US Geological Survey, it found that fish that were exposed to synthetic hormones call 17a- ethinylestradiol, or EE2, produced offspring which struggled to fertilize eggs. This affects them on an intergenerational level, with the grandchildren of the originally exposed fish suffering a 30% decrease in fertilization rates.

Fish Fertility: Fish Switching Genders

According to The Washington Post newspaper, male smallmouth and largemouth bass throughout the United States have switched sex; growing ovaries where their testes should be. Oral contraceptives for women are widely considered to be the cause of this sex change in fish, in this instance. The number of intersex fish keeps increasing and spreading. Scientists have been looking into the chemicals used by miners as possible cause for the sex changes as well. Synthetic estrogen, such as EE2, is more persistent than natural steroids and is usually present in higher concentrations in treated wastewater.

Even chickens, can on occasion undergo natural sex changes.  In the case of the female chicken, she usually only has one functional ovary on her left side. If Mrs Chicken has a problem with her ovary, in that it does not develop properly, her right side may begin to grow a male organ; and the hen changes completely into a rooster. No wonder so many people are worried about hormones in their chicken dinners.


Fish Oil Is Helpful for Women’s Health

New research has found that Omega 3 essential fatty acids can help slow the ageing process in the human body; which every woman would like to do. Researchers at the Ohio State University discovered that taking omega 3 supplements could lengthen these things called ‘telomeres’ which are tiny segments of DNA in white blood cells. They naturally shorten over time as part of the ageing process; and when they stop capping chromosomes the DNA unravels. This, then, causes irreversible cell damage.

Fish oil is helpful for woman’s health in another way as well. Omega 3 supplements also have been shown to reduce inflammation in a number of test subjects. Inflammation is responsible for things like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. A diet rich in Omega 3 rich fish, nuts and seeds can help reduce your chances of developing these debilitating conditions. Taking supplements like fish oil can also be of great beneficial help. Foods rich in Omega 3 are salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, herring and anchovies. Plus walnuts, pecans, pine nuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds and their oils are also a good source of Omega 3.

Fish oil is helpful for women’s health; especially as women age. Depression has also been associated with inflammation, inflammation of the lining around the brain. Fish oil, in large doses, has been prescribed for sufferers of depression with some good alleviating results. It has also been shown to help for sufferers of anxiety, in reducing their levels of anxiety. Sexual appetite has been shown to improve in older women who take a regular Omega 3 rich supplement.

Fish oil has been linked to improvements in just about every facet of health and wellbeing. This includes: hair care due to the growth stimulation properties of Omega 3 for hair follicles; and fertility is impacted through sperm quality improvements via Omega 3, a preliminary study of boars who were fed fish oil showed improvement in their sperm quality. In pregnancy the development of the foetus’s brain and eyes is helped through the mother taking supplements rich in DHA and eating a diet rich in Omega 3. Breast health and period brain can also be helped by the supplement of Omega 3 to the diet.

Fish oil truly is a superfood and whether you get in your diet naturally or you take it in an approved quality supplement it can be very beneficial to your health. If you are suffering from inflammation based conditions, and diseases, taking fish oil in consultation with your doctor can be a helpful measure to reduce inflammation and its consequences.