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Crucial Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Antique Furniture Investment Business

The pleasure we get from furniture beyond its utilitarianism is what draws people to purchase furniture for their homes. And this industry has, with time, adopted the latest technologies to grow its online presence to make more sales.

You will notice that even the biggest antique furniture companies leverage digital marketing such that with just a few clicks, they can make many sales. And still, enjoy an online presence that drives more business.

Even though antique furniture businesses vary, several marketing strategies work for most of them. Some of these include:

Create fresh content

Another digital strategy to employ in building a furniture brand through online marketing is by creating fresh content. Remember, content is king.

Having fresh content will help increase your visibility and draw more people to your site. That could be through videos, blog posts, discount coupons, and image galleries.

Writing fresh content frequently will help you address the needs of your target audience and educate them more about your antique furniture. And all the solutions you can offer them.

Competitor research

You need to ask yourself about the digital marketing strategies that your competitors use around your region. Type in the search engine space to discover any furniture-related products in your area.

Setup the right E-commerce solution

You can allow users to browse your site to find better antique furniture designs they can order or purchase from your website. You may also create an e-commerce payment and shop front to allow potential customers to spot and buy furniture.

With a reliable website, you can offer special discounts to customers during certain times of the year. And automate these processes.

Inbound marketing through search engine optimization

If your visitors search the internet and do not find your product, you need to put more effort. And that includes increasing your website search engine visibility. That means that now potential visitors will be able to find you effortlessly. And you can convert them into sales.

Create a responsive web design

Have your website accessible on various devices such as iPads, Androids, and iPhones. That is because potential customers use the internet on their mobile devices to spot businesses. And this means that having responsive web design is something you cannot overlook.

Pay-per-click advertising

If you’re introducing new antique furniture in the industry or promoting new designs, you want to draw more customer attention.

And spread the message across, leaving digital footprints.

One way to implement this is by promoting search network campaigns and lowering down your cost per click. That will also help you choose the right keyword for an organic SEO campaign. And you can use the same for writing content.

Social media marketing

Finally, you can practice social media marketing, which is very effortless to do. That is because opening a social media account is free. You can use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, and any other relevant pages that will help you engage with your customers better.

emergency electricians

Emergency Electricians Promoting Themselves Using Digital Marketing

As an emergency electrician, you spend hours fixing electrical systems for your customers. But do you have time to market your services online to your most valuable customers? If not, you’re losing a huge prospective of potential customers.

Using digital marketing, you can attract valuable leads, convert leads to customers, and maintain loyal customers. It does so by creating awareness of your work to the potential market.

Keep reading to learn about the best electrician digital marketing strategies and why you should invest in them.

Why Do Electricians Need Digital Marketing?

The electrical services industry is competitive. Without a solid marketing strategy, you risk losing potential clients to competitors. And with more people using the internet to look for local services, having online visibility is vital for electricians.

According to studies, 97 percent of customers use internet searches to find the products and services that they need. However, ensuring that your website is visible is a challenge for most electricians. Implementing the right digital marketing strategies ensures that potential customers find you online ahead of your competitors.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Emergency Electricians

To find an electrician in an emergency, people turn to their phones and search on Google. This explains where you should focus your marketing.

But how do you do this? By focusing on these digital marketing strategies.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It’s the first strategy to consider. SEO makes your website easy to read by search engines, allowing it to show up in search engine research pages.

Without SEO or with a poor SEO strategy, your website will not show up in organic search results. If your site doesn’t show up on these results, how will potential customers contact you?

Speaking of customer search, SEO strategy also includes a keyword research process. Here, you’ll look for the most valuable term that potential customers in need of your service will search on google. Such may include emergency electrician, emergency electrical service, wiring replacement among others.

Once your site ranks on search engine result pages, then you must convince customers why they should patronize your service. Some emergency electricians promote their 24/7 call-out policy to attract new customers.

  1. Blogging

Do you want your business to emerge as an authority in your industry? Then invest in quality blogs.

When writing blogs, seek to solve a problem that potential customers are going through. For instance, you can explain the steps a person should take when there’s an electrical emergency in their home. You can also make a post on what qualifies as an electrical emergency and what doesn’t and the steps to take in either case.

Make sure you post quality and unique content on your blogs.

  1. Social Media

Do you know that 81 percent of small enterprises use social media, and 94 percent of these are for marketing purposes? Do not be left behind.

For starters, there are several social media platforms available for you to market your services. These include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All these platforms have millions of users.

Even better, you can make use of SEO and social media for quality results. Using both SEO and social media marketing gives you access to a wider market reach resulting in more customers for your business.


Do you want your emergency electrical business to grow? Then investing in the right digital marketing strategy is a must. It ensures your business is visible to the outside world hence attracting new customers to your firm.

electricians on social media

Plumbers, Tradespeople & Electricians on Social Media

Most customers use social media platforms to air their opinions. Such media include Twitter, Rated People, Facebook, and TrustPilot. They give the current and prospective customers a better understanding of various businesses.

Positive reviews and comments from customers are likely to create good reputations for the businesses. This is an excellent approach to advertising the business and attracting new customers with minimal charges. Most plumbers, electricians, and tradespeople have opted for social media as a way of promoting their businesses.

Despite having some complications, social media has many benefits for a business when utilized well. This article has compiled some tips for plumbers, electricians, and tradespeople to use on social media to promote their businesses.

Choosing The Right Channels

Several social media channels exist out there, and you can’t use all of them for your business. Instead, it would help if you focused on the ones that align with your customers. Building an engaged and loyal follower base might seem the best approach.

For example, if you create engaging videos and visual content, Instagram and Tik Tok might be the best channels for your business. The channels will bring about visually impactful features that are likely to attract many views in short periods.

If you focus on updating your customers and getting their reviews, Facebook might be the ideal channel for you. Facebook has grown to be a social search engine where you can always reach out to your followers for recommendations. In addition, Facebook will be a great tool in advertising your business. For example, a ceiling fan installation video makes a cute Facebook post.

Optimizing Social Media Content

Posting on different social media platforms may require you to optimize your content to fit the particular platforms. For example, if you are posting on Twitter, understand that the platform has a character limit. The platform is ideal for retweeting customers’ testimonials and posting links. You can post the industry news or any long-form content on LinkedIn.

Posts with photos are generally ideal for platforms like Facebook or Instagram. When optimized with the relevant hashtags, they will undoubtedly generate more views.

Interacting With The Customers

Interacting with the customers is one reason you may want to use social media in your business activities. You will undoubtedly create mutual trust from the existing and potential customers by incorporating social media into your business.

The potential customers usually consult their friends and follow reviews to get the best tradespeople. With a solid social media presence and positive reviews, you are likely to attain a high level of trust in your business.

Using Hashtags

Originally, hashtags were used on Twitter only. However, with time, they are being used on other social media platforms as well. Including hashtags in your social media posts is an absolute way of reaching people beyond your followers. Using hashtags is an excellent method of social marketing for plumbers and tradespeople. Besides, they are helpful for electricians too.


Plumbers, electricians, and most of the tradespeople interact with many people. In-person meetings may be not only time-consuming but also monotonous and tiresome. By utilizing social media, these businesses can reach out to several people at a single time. This is likely to facilitate the growth of the companies.

Sydney Electricians Marketing With SEO & Social Media

Sydney is a horribly conformist city where it seems most far too many of its dullard inhabitants can only muster a conversation about their property assets to each other, day after excruciating day, week after agonising week.

It’s no surprise therefore that it’s often an outsider who storms the battlements with a thousand great ideas, and suddenly there it is, a small company explodes into a universe of shimmering lights.

So it was when the young French-Canadian publishing entrepreneur Jean-Philippe Plourde appeared back in 2000 and launched his magazine, based on Paris-Scope & Quebec-Scope, and gathering up loyal top-line clients like Dymocks and Fox Studios to name a couple.

And so a similar thing has happened with the recent arrival of Kenny the Irish Electrician whose small one-man-band of K.M. Electric gathered steam thanks to his drive to run a strong SEO campaign alongside paying for Google Ads, doing great videos on Facebook and Instagram, and ensuring that he did a great job every time so his 100+ Google Reviews glow like the proverbial bat out of hell.

Kenny proved himself a whizz at ceiling fan installation around the Sydney metro area and made cool little videos to wittily and adeptly illustrate this point.

He lit up the skies with his Irish accent and intense reliability – this is a man who will never be late for a job, and who has a pride in everything he does which leaves your average laconic Aussie electrician in a pile of dust.

And so Kenny, getting top rankings within just a few months for terms like garden lighting installation and outdoor lighting installation, will continue his ascendancy which will ultimately lead to him dominating the Sydney electrical industry.

And people will be left saying “where the hell did he come from?” and the correct answer is “a long way away”, “he’s a foreigner”, “he’s a man who arrived from distant lands to show us how to get on with it and make a legacy for himself and his staff”.

But such a thing will never be enough for a man of Kenny’s calibre. Never one to rest on the green Irish leaves of his laurels, Kenny can also often be found at the holistically spiritual Sunrise Sessions run by his friend Bobby Khanna, where local Sydney Eastern Suburbs yoga teachers, Chi Gung gurus, Lovefest Australia and 5rhythms dancers salute the sun from the heights of Sydney’s spectacular Southern Head.

For true motivation comes from the soul my friends, not just the sparkle in the eyes when counting dollars. His Celtic heritage is only part of Ken’s life journey. He is a multifarious man of of our age, an inspiration to all who meet him.

How to Become an Entrepreneur Online: Simple Online Study

Everybody dreams of coming up with the killer idea and getting uber rich from it. Computers and the world wide web are there in everyones’ living rooms and on their phones too. It seems like easy money, just there for the asking, if you can phrase it in the right way. How do you become an entrepreneur online? I love those filthy French words, full of hidden meanings and strange vowel sounds. Get rich quick schemes are, just, made for the instantaneous digital realm. Push a button and become a billionaire!

How to Become an Entrepreneur Online: Simple Online Study

So, can you learn business entrepreneurship through online study? There are free online courses through universities, like The Open University; Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of California. These are some very famous names in academic institution circles and one would expect they deliver some quality information and training. Giving something back to the community and pay it forward, springs to mind, when considering these offerings. The Open Education Consortium is a portal to global online education opportunities. Remember that education is the greatest liberating force for good on the planet. Get an education and it will change your outlook and your interior at the same time.

Establish an intranet programme and you may be timing your wealth creation run to perfection. These SharePoint like networking software offerings are selling like hot cakes at the moment. Always, follow up on franchise opportunities if you wish to be abreast of money making pathways.  Every morning when you awake, chant these names aloud: Jeff Taylor of Devise, Tim Seidler Get Niche Quick, Dom Wells Human Proof Designs, Steve Rendell Texfly, Stary Walker Niche Hacks, and Tung Tran Cloud Living. Who will be the next name on this list of successful online entrepreneurs? Will it be your name?

All you need to do is: find a niche and service it stunningly well; promote it as you do it; have a great website portal so that the world can reach your product or service; get effective SEO so that people can find you and it; become an expert in your field; network with customers on social media; and make a squillion dollars before you turn nineteen (just kidding on that last one). Study hard online and discover the secrets and insider tips to becoming a successful online entrepreneur.


Choosing an agency to reel in the bigger fish

We’ve all heard and met individuals who tell that big fish story. It seems to grow at least a foot a day until our intrepid fisherman is doing battle with a Kraken itself. However, there are ways of both being able to determine whether the big fish is reality or simply a figment of imagination. Not only this, but it can potentially be profitable to your business as well. How can you turn a big fish story into reality? When you choose the right digital marketing agency and advertising campaign, it can be!

Sizing Up the Fisherman

One of the most important things you need to know before you can determine whether you have a profitable fish story or not is to size up the individual’s talent. Novice fishermen oftentimes exaggerate partly out of excitement, as well as a misunderstanding of the size of an animal as viewed through the water. A fish that looks unusually large from a certain angle can turn out to be little more than a minnow when fully reeled in. The experience level of the fisherman is also an important factor in determining the veracity of a big fish story. Fishermen traditionally like to exaggerate already; however, fishermen who are known to have a greater reputation of honesty, as well as a greater reputation of catching large fish, are easier to believe than the man who takes a surf pole to a local fishing pond. A good story will look great on a webpage and can be very effective at making your store, business, or fishing guide website more popular.

Rumour = Profit

Once reputation, experience, and the likelihood of a big fish story have been verified, it is now time to turn this potential rumour into potential profit. It can be a simple matter of having a fish derby, potentially a gambling opportunity depending on your region or local ordinance laws, and an opportunity for our big fish story participant to put his money where his mouth is. Hosting a competition to catch the largest fish is an age-old pastime among the fishing elite. If you are the one running the competition or even just a local supplier it can also be incredibly lucrative for you as well. When it comes to advertising your business, you need to have a designer who not only makes you look good but helps sell your business. Pricing isn’t everything as you need a great designer who can get the job done and help you look great before any local events. You want a designer who has great communication skills, experience, and timely prompt delivery for time sensitive events.

Advertise Widely

You can turn one man’s great story of the big fish into an advertising campaign with the right website designer to help you. With the assistance of experts, they can help you hook hundreds and hopefully thousands of local fishermen on the story and the dreams of the prize. Putting the derby information, the big fish story itself, and other aspects of the competition on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, and connecting all of these different aspects together helps ensure that you cast a wide net of people to participate in your event. This is a guaranteed way to both get your name out there and increase participation in the local community.
Don’t let that big fish go to waste! Even a big fish story can potentially be valuable if your goal is to catch people and not the myth, so work with experts in web design so your site is the biggest lure of all.

Marketing A Chiropractic Business

Marketing a Chiropractic BusinessIn this business, there are two types of chiropractors: the lazy ones and the smart ones. Lazy chiropractors work for 60 hours in a week, earnestly look for a new craze to launch in the clinic, and spend a lot of their resources. Ironically, they work more, earn a little, and never get ahead. On the other hand, smart chiropractors work for 40 hours a week, have a working system set up, and prioritises their practice. It comes as a non-shocker that they manage to generate loyal customers and entice a new batch of clients.

If you want to be a smart chiropractor, you should have a business plan. Now this plan does not only focus on marketing a chiropractic business, but also on good management and business practices. A perfect example of this is Hooman’s Sydney CBD chiropractic practice. Luckily for you, we’ll teach you the best ways in marketing a chiropractic business.

Marketing A Chiropractic Business

The perfect way of marketing a chiropractic business is to come up with a strategy that fits your practice’s mission, vision, and personality. You can do this by opting for the conventional method or by doing it the “2017 way.” Either way, both techniques are proven to bring in new clients and retain your old customers.

  • The Conventional Method

Marketing a chiropractic business using the conventional method involves three grand schemes: the member, corporate, and wellness strategies. In the member strategy, you will use your current clients as your media in attracting new customers. For instance, you can implement the “Refer a Friend” scheme wherein the referring patient and the referred friend will both enjoy discounted services or free items.

A chiropractic business can also exploit the corporate world to their advantage by creating corporate partners and offering discounted services to its employees. Moreover, the practice can host wellness events and deliver lunch seminars to educate prospective customers on how they can improve their health and well-being, while at the same time promoting the chiropractic business.

  • The 2017 Way

The 2017 way of marketing a chiropractic business entails social media marketing, content marketing, and website creation. Since almost everyone has a social media account, the best way to reach them is to conduct marketing campaigns via social media. It would help if you already have an established online presence.

If you want to generate an online buzz about your practice, you can do so through content marketing. This can be in the form of videos, memes, infographics, white paper, e-books, and blog posts that offer helpful content. Content marketing works well with your website.

Commercial Salmon Farmers in Norway Lock Out Diseases Without Antibiotics

Fisheries are now looking at ways to secure and lock out contaminates from commercial fish farms without using antibiotics to regulate the health of the fish.

Throughout the past century global fishery organisation have been developing strategies and solutions for how to feed the growing demands of the international community need for fresh healthy fish.

It no longer makes sense for commercial fisherman to go out to sea to catch wild salmon and tuna, due to the rapid decline in population of these fish in the wild. For the past twenty years fish farms have become more and more common place in the landscape of commercial fishing.

Many benefits come from fish farms. One major benefit is the ability of the fish company to predict & forecast a seasons harvesting of fish, which result in greater yield per season and greater profits.

This may seem a very straight forward transition from ocean fishing to moving into commercial farm. However they soon discovered that when growing large amounts of fish in close quarters disease begins to ravage within the confounds of the farm. The solutions up until recently was the active use of antibiotics to prevent sickness in the fish. However only recently we have woken up to the destructive effects of over usage of antibiotics and research groups such as the scientists in Norway have now commenced the development of other methods to treat fish from diseases.

The Norwegian scientists who have innovated these methods are being applauded by their contemporaries as being the – locksmith to the health of commercial fishing.

Small Business Advice for Small Fish in a Big Pond

In business, do you sometimes feel like that you are at the bottom of the food chain? Are the giant corporations knocking you around like a clown fish at the bottom of the Mariana Trench? The best small business advice for small fish in a big pond is, get bigger quick. How does one facilitate that kind of accelerated growth? Investment is the only way to expand your horizons and be able to compete with the sharks in your part of the pond. If you are you a tiny business, well, you can’t stay tiny and not expect to get eaten by a bigger fish. You gotta grow, and grow fast!

Sometimes, a couple of small business loans can help you invest in social media, or SEO, enough, to get some lead generation happening. Investment can allow you to reach out through the channels and attract the attention of new markets. Websites are like digital 24/7 salespeople, unblinkingly on day and night; but people have to be able to find them. Make sure that your website, or network of websites, is, and are, effectively search engine optimised for all the keyword searches that are applicable to your business. Generate new leads every day and reap the benefits.

Catching market attention is somewhat like catching fish. Do you have one line dangling down with baited hook or do you have lots of lines dangling down with multiple hooks? The media scene has splintered with the demise of the print media; especially its newspapers. People are now online on their smart phones and tablets deriving news and entertainment in their own unique ways; nobody is singing from the same song sheet these days. You need to have a dynamic digital presence to show up when your potential customers are searching for your products or services.

Are you really doing enough with your web presence and social media? Are you investing enough in your digital marketing? And are the people you are employing for this really the best in the field? Expert help with your social media management and digital marketing will make the world of difference. You will get more bites on the line and are much more likely to land a big one. Small business advice for small fish in a big pond – get some investment in your business and grow your business through digital marketing. Computers are all about instant results; and the digital sphere will deliver new business quicker than anything else.